The neck is the most active and mobile area of the spine. The skin is generally thinner and drier and constant movement and lack of oil production can cause wrinkles and creases to appear much faster than other parts of the body. The neck is also exposed to the sun as much as the face and even more during the summer but it tends to be ignored and overlooked. I’ve noticed from many of my clients that after the summer holidays their necks have aged more than their faces due to neglecting and not really knowing what to do with it.

Here are some of my simple to do neck care tips for you to do all year round to ensure it stays healthy, beautiful looking and remains swan like and toned.

There are four areas: Skincare; Massage; Exercise; Sleep.

First and foremost cleanse your neck day and night just like you do your face with Su-Man Cleansing Gel-Oil. It will rid the neck of grime and impurities and due to the lovely blend of oils it will keep the skin supple and smooth.

Regularly exfoliate with Su-Man Facial polish to buff away dead skin and condition the new skin underneath. Again the skin will be beautifully nourished as it is polished.

Always keep your neck hydrated. Tap in Su-Man Rehydrating Toning  Essence after cleansing to boost hydration levels.

After you’ve completed the above you finish of the process with neck massage. I do this with my own Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream. It’s feather light texture specially designed for massage application nourishes without leaving any greasy residue. Make sure you use a generous amount of cream to avoid over pulling the skin which can cause damage and accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.

Lift up your chin slightly, use index, middle and ring fingers brushing from collarbone up to your chin in firm sweeping movements. Repeat this motion 6 times. I do this myself morning and night and not only does it keep wrinkles and creases at bay it can also prevent getting a double chin and sagging muscles.

Follow by using the middle finger to massage underneath the ear lobe then down the side of the neck. Repeat 6 times. Then use four fingers brushing from back of your neck to the front. Again repeat 6 times. Finish off by outward to inward strokes brushing underneath the collarbone 6 times. This massage method helps blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and strengthens skin. It’s also great to release any discomfort in your neck.

This takes no more than one minute a day and can be done can either sitting or standing.

  • – Lift your shoulders up to your ears then drop repeat 6 times.
  • – Drop your chin as close to your chest as possible hold this position for 6 seconds.
  • – Drop your head as far back as possible hold for 6 seconds, repeat this move twice.
  • – Drop your right ear to right side, hold this position for 6 seconds and do the same on the left; repeat this movement twice.
  • – Draw a semi circle with your nose from the right top corner down and up to left top corner. Repeat this motion four times.

I highly recommend these exercises for those who spend most of their day sitting in front of a computer.

Sleeping Posture:  
Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent any wrinkles in the face and neck as it stops the skin from getting folded by pillows and patterned linen. This is particularly the case when you get older as the skin has reduced collagen. Collagen allows your skin to spring back into shape. Think of it a bit like your mattress that becomes lifeless as you sleep on it more. If you need to sleep on your side, make sure your pillow is a little higher and there is no gap between your neck and shoulder. This way you are resisting downward pulling forces.