To have soft and healthy lips, you need to take care of them just like you do with your face.

You probably already know some lip care tips but below are some of my personal suggestions:

1. Do not lick your lips
Saliva provides temporary moisture to the lips, but the evaporation of water from saliva takes away more moisture from the lips, causing them to dry out and crack.

2. Do not tear dry skin from your lips
Tearing dry skin can causing bleeding or inflammation. Prolonged inflammation can also lead to collagen and moisture loss in the lips. As a result, lip lines can become deeper and drier.

3. Give yourself some lipstick free days
Lipstick contains pigments, paraffin and other chemicals that can damage the skin with prolonged use. Frequent removal of lipstick (rubbing) can also cause excessive friction on the lips, resulting in rough skin and more visible lip lines.

4. Try not to smoke
Not only is smoking a health hazard, but if you are a smoker, the frequent action of exhalation and inhalation causes contractions of the skin around the lips and cheeks. This affects the quality of your skin, therefore accelerates the ageing process. At the same time, smoking will consume a large amount of vitamin C absorbed by the body, which will accelerate the production of free radicals. The increase of free radicals will cause skin aging and melanin deposition. This results in lip wrinkles that easily deepen and the general lip color is dull.

However, smoking is not the only time our mouths make this movement. I used to joke with my clients that it’s also down to too much kissing! haha!

5. Tap dry your lips after a drink or a meal
After drinking or eating, water and food residue may remain on the lips. If it’s not wiped off in time, water evaporation may cause dehydration of the lips.

6. Moisture 
Preventing dryness is the most effective way to protect your delicate lips. Internal nourishment is as essential as external care to further protect your lips from ageing and to increase their elasticity.

If you follow the above, your lips will look gorgeous and add to the beauty of your face. \In addition this, a lip massage is a great way to maintain the health of your lips.

Here are the secrets to a successful lip massage:

  • Step 1: First of all, we rub the massage oil onto clean lips. I am using vitamin E oil, but you can use any other oil. Then use your index or middle finger and gently massage your lips in a circular motion to warm up and relax your lips. Do this for 30 seconds.
  • Step 2: Then firmly push your lip to the side for 30 seconds on the top lip and 30 seconds on lower lip. Then tap away any excess of oil once you have finished.
  • Step 3: Finally I use my eye cream to massage around the lips. The reason why I use my eye cream is because the muscles around the lips are similar to those around eyes. I have seen great results from my clients doing this! You apply the cream around the mouth and then use a zigzag motion massage around the mouth. Use your middle finger or whatever finger you prefer to massage three to six times.
  • Step 4: Then stimulate the pressure points around the mouth. Regularly pressing these points effectively stimulates the muscles around the lips, restoring elasticity and lifting the skin at the corners of the mouth therefore plumping the lips.

Every night, I’ll put honey on my lips as an over night moisturising mask. I know it’s sticky but it keeps your lips moist all night and I love it!

If you want to know how to do this massage technique, please visit my YouTube and Instagram channels where I demonstrate this and many other useful techniques!