Former dancer and creative force behind the origination of her own formulations culminating in her own skincare line, founder Su-Man is a leading celebrity facialist-turned-skin care pioneer and the woman behind countless women’s seemingly ageless beauty.

suman-portraitFueled by her years as a professional dancer and extensive training in the healing arts – Pilates, Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Facial Massage – Su-Man’s unique beauty ethos is born of a life-long passion for wellness, and a profound belief in the resilience and potential of the human body. It is therefore no accident that she is a sought-after contributor to leading magazines for lifestyle and beauty advice, was the secret weapon behind Juliette Binoche’s flawless radiance for over five years, and garners rave reviews in the press for her “natural alternative to botox” and “face lift in an hour”.

In creating her signature skincare line, Su-Man returned to her roots as a farm-girl growing up in rural Taiwan, using her instinctive passion for mixing natural ingredients into homemade recipes when products in the marketplace did not offer the “effortless power” she desired for her clients’ facial treatments. Four years of perfecting led to a capsule collection so well received that she enlisted the help of two leading chemists in Taiwan and France to further refine the formulas to bestow the benefits upon a wider global audience.

Each inventively crafted product marries the best of Eastern and Western skincare philosophies, providing the ideal balance of prevention and correction for the ultimate in skin health and radiance. Partnered with Su-Man’s easy application techniques to accelerate and amplify the formula benefits, her lightweight dewy emulsions promote skin that is instantly revitalised and enduringly youthful.

Su-Man says: “Skincare should be a ritual and not a chore. Have a love affair with your skin and you will transform it beyond recognition. Life changes your skin, now change your skin for life”.