Su-Man is a world-renowned facialist and wellness expert, known for her innovative approach to beauty and skincare. Born and raised on a farm in Taiwan, Su-Man moved to Europe at the age of 25 and pursued a very successful career as a professional dancer. She toured Europe with prestigious companies and was known for her unwavering honesty, presence and charisma; the same qualities have earned her an international reputation as a beauty expert. In 1998 she moved to London where she now lives.


Having always had a passion for wellness and beauty, Su-Man became interested in the art of facial massage during the later half of her dance career. For her, it was a natural evolution to continue deepening her understanding of the power and resilience of the body. She studied traditional Chinese healing arts which combined with Pilates and Shiatsu resulted in her own unique facial technique and products. Su-Man says “beautiful skin happens when different worlds meet”.

Her core philosophy is treating skin should be a holistic experience, that it is about connecting the physical, emotional bodies through massage techniques that allows the energy to flow and inevitably, makes the skin glow.

Combining over two decades of wisdom and with a relentless dedication to perfecting her craft, Su-Man has been the secret weapon behind Oscar winning actress Juliette Binoche’s flawless radiance for over ten years. She has redefined the art of the facial and won herself a legion of devoted celebrity fans and beauty editors who fly in from all over the world to have what has been described as “non invasive alternative to Botox” and “a facelift in an hour”.