Su-Man has sourced some of the most powerful active ingredients from the Asian and Western worlds in the formulation of her products. Combining a deep knowledge of natural essences from her original homemade remedies with innovative new advances from her chemists in France and Taiwan, Su-Man’s range gives you the very best in facial expertise, skin wisdom and science for skin that looks and feels reborn.

Dragon’s Blood


Dragon’s blood is a bright red resin extracted from the Croton lechleri or Sangre de Drago tree native to the Amazon rainforest. The sticky sap has powerful protective, regenerative and anti-ageing properties, and has been used by indigenous peoples as a healing skin treatment for centuries. Forming a ‘second skin’ barrier, it helps to repair and reconstruct collagen, improves the integrity of the skins natural barrier whilst restoring firmness and elasticity to the skin.

Su-Man uses dragon’s blood extract in her Purifying Cleansing Gel Oil, Exfoliating Facial Polish, Velvet Brightening Serum, Awakening Eye Uplift and Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream.



ingredient_coffeeCoffee beans grow on plants of the Coffea genus. The caffeine they contain has powerful skincare benefits including anti-inflammatory and firming properties. Coffee helps to smooth skin and reduces redness, puffiness and dark circles.

Su-Man uses coffee in her Exfoliating Facial Polish.


Rose hip Seed Oil

ingredient_rosehipRose hip seed oil is extracted from the fruits of rose plants such as the musk, dog and sweet briar varieties. Used by the Andean Quechua people as a health and skin remedy for centuries, it has regenerative and anti-ageing properties. A dry oil rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, it promotes skin repair and smoothens wrinkles, without any greasy residue.

Su-Man uses rose hip seed oil in her Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil, Exfoliating Facial Polish, Awakening Eye Uplift and Velvet Skin Brightening Serum.



ingredient_rice_silkRicesilk is an ultra-fine natural powder obtained from the hull surrounding grains from the rice plant or Oryza, native to China. It has soothing, mattifying properties and has been used for centuries by Asian women in their skincare and make-up, as well as in Ayurvedic healing practice. It retains moisture, absorbs excess sebum and reduces facial shine, creating a luxurious silky-smooth skin texture.

Su-Man uses ricesilk in her Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream.


Matrixyl® 3000

Matrixyl® 3000 is a peptide complex with proven, powerful anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties. Special matrikine peptides promote collagen production and activate skin regeneration, smoothing wrinkles and improving skin tone, elasticity and firmness.

Su-Man uses Matrixyl® 3000 in her Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream.


Tranexamic Acid

ingredient_tranexamic_acidTranexamic acid is a synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine. Originally developed for medical use, its anti-inflammatory and lightening properties were soon recognised as beneficial to cosmetics. It is effective in evening and brightening the skin tone by reducing pigmentation, age spots, acne scars and marks caused by sun exposure.

Su-Man uses tranexamic acid in her Velvet Skin Brightening Serum.



ingredient_winter_greenWintergreen or Gaultheria procumbens is a shrub common in the sandy coastal regions and woodlands of eastern North America. It has pain-relieving, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and has been used traditionally by Native Americans to treat a variety of medical and skin conditions. It is very effective in soothing and softening skin, and reducing the appearance of pores.

Su-Man uses wintergreen in her Purifying Cleansing Gel.


Camu Camu

ingredient_camu_camuMyrciaria dubia, commonly known as camu camu, is a small riverside tree with a red cherry-like fruit, native to South America. It is extraordinarily high in vitamin C and has powerful antioxidant and revitalizing properties, helping to smooth fine lines, protect against free radicals, promote firmness and brighten skin tone.

Su-Man uses camu camu in her Exfoliating Facial Polish.



Eyeliss™ is a natural protein peptide blend with powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. It reduces redness, puffiness and capillary fragility, while increasing firmness and elasticity, particularly around the delicate eye area.

Su-Man uses Eyeliss™ in her Awakening Eye Uplift.


Green Tea

ingredient_green_teaGreen tea is made from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, native to Asia. Popularly used as a beverage and dietary supplement, it has strong antioxidant and antibacterial properties that are also highly beneficial to the skin. It protects against environmental aggressors, neutralises skin pH balance, encourages cell renewal and improves overall complexion.

Su-Man uses green tea in her Rehydrating Toning Essence.



Haloxyl™ is a multi-peptide complex with extraordinary anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and can also help to reduce puffiness and restore firmness.

Su-Man uses Haloxyl™ in her Awakening Eye Uplift.


Hyaluronic Acid

ingredient_hyroHyaluronic acid, or HA, is the body’s own hydrating molecule. It holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water and is responsible for keeping skin smooth and supple, although our production of it decreases with age. Ultra-hydrating HA helps to replenish lost moisture, smooth wrinkles and regain skin firmness.

Su-Man uses HA in her Rehydrating Toning Essence and Velvet Skin Brightening Serum.



ingredient_padinamiPadinami® is the purified extract of a brown seaweed called Padina pavonica, which is cultivated in the sea off Malta and harvested sustainably by local divers. This natural active ingredient has potent moisturising and anti-ageing properties that help to reduce wrinkles and promote firmness and suppleness in the skin.

Su-Man uses Padinami® in her Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream.



ingredient_riboxylKnown as ‘the beauty sugar’, Riboxyl™ is a key molecule occurring in all living cells, obtained by corn seed biotechnology. It has natural energising and anti-ageing properties, improving cellular respiration to increase skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.

Su-Man uses Riboxyl™ in her Velvet Skin Moisturising Cream.


Rose Petal

ingredient_rose_petalsPetal essence from the fragrant woody perennial Rosa has remarkable healing and moisturising properties, and has been used in aromatherapy for centuries. It soothes, softens and protects skin, leaving it moisturised and hydrated.

Su-Man uses rose petal essence in her Rehydrating Toning Essence.



ingredient_spirulinaSpirulina or Arthospira platensis is a blue-green warm freshwater algae. Rich in proteins and nutrients, it is the original ‘superfood’, first revered by the Aztecs in South America for its health benefits. It has antioxidant properties and helps to maintain skin resiliency, reduce pigmentation and improve overall complexion.

Su-Man uses spirulina in her Awakening Eye Uplift.


White Lily

ingredient_white_lilyPopularly known as the Madonna Lily, the white lily or Lilium candidum is native to the Balkans and West Asia. It has natural exfoliating properties and is highly effective at gently removing skin pigmentation.

Su-Man uses white lily extract in her Exfoliating Facial Polish.


Sunflower Oil

ingredient_sunflowerSunflower oil is pressed from the seeds of the sunflower or Helianthus annus and is a natural emollient with very high vitamin E content, which is crucial in the prevention of UV damage to the skin. It has healing and moisturising properties and is particularly effective at soothing irritation, reducing redness and helping protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

Su-Man uses sunflower oil in her Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil and Exfoliating Facial Polish.


Apricot Kernel Oil

ingredient_apricotApricot kernel oil is pressed from the large seeds of apricots. This nutrient-rich oil containing vitamins E, A and essential fatty acids, has moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective at keeping skin smooth, supple and healthy.

Su-Man uses apricot kernel oil in her Purifying Cleansing Gel-Oil.


Orchid Extract

Orchid Extract Orchid extract is a powerful mineral-rich antioxidant used in Asia for centuries and is a symbol of long lasting beauty.

Promotes radiant, refreshed and silky-smooth countenance. It helps regulate skin pigmentation, strengthen skin cells and boost the skins ability to absorb and retain moisture. Orchid extract is also rich in minerals that nourish the skin, promoting radiant, refreshed and silky-smooth complexion.

Su-Man uses orchid extract in her Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask.


Seawater Mineral Concentrate

Seawater mineral concentrate is an ideal balance of minerals and vitamins that help prevent cellular imbalance and boost cell function, protecting the skin from external damage.

Su-Man uses seawater mineral concentrate in her Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask.



Brown Algae (Sodium Alginate)Brown Algae

Brown algae is a potent antioxidant containing high levels of protein, fibre and vitamins. It soothes and helps deliver more hydrated, brighter-looking and softer skin.

Su-Man uses brown algae in her Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask.


Skinasensyl TM

Skinasensyl™ works to calm and protect sensitive skin from the elements. It is great at soothing any skin discomfort.

Su-Man uses Skinasensyl TM in her Facial Glow Rejuvenating Mask.


Watermelon Extract

It prevents and treats the prickly heat both externally and internally. The citruline in watermelon rind improves blood circulation and soothes sore muscles. It has a high content of vitamins A, C and Potassium and is rich in antioxidants that decrease free radicals from the body and stop all signs of skin ageing. A natural toner and a great exfoliator due to the acid content. It prevents the skin from sun damage, moisturises and provides a fresh and youthful skin complexion.

Su-Man uses Watermelon Extract in her Refining Facial Polish.


Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract

It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to protect and regenerate the skin. It is a great antioxidant and helps prevent premature ageing.

Su-Man uses Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract in her Refining Facial Polish.


Pomegranate Extract

Contains powerful antioxidants that nourish the skin, prevent damage caused by free radicals and help
in stimulating the skin cell aiding cellular regeneration. Also a great anti-ageing, moisturising and exfoliating ingredient.

Su-Man uses Pomegranate Extract in her Refining Facial Polish.

Papaya Extract

Is abundant in vitamins A, C and E. The enzyme papain breaks down inactive proteins, eliminates dead skin cells and exfoliates your skin, leaving you with a glowing complexion.

Su-Man uses Papaya Extract in her Refining Facial Polish.

Calendula Extract

Is beneficial for dry and damaged skin, and its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties promote the fast healing and regeneration of the skin by stimulating the blood supply to the skin. It makes the skin suppler and more resistant to mechanical and chemical irritants.

Su-Man uses Calendula Extract in her Refining Facial Polish.