Su-Man’s Signature facial is legendary. Blending her unique expertise in dance, Shiatsu, pilates and oriental facial massage, the powerful revitalising treatment is beloved by beauty editors, celebrities and legions of fans across the world, who hail it as a ‘facelift in an hour’ and ‘the natural alternative to Botox’.

After a bespoke skin analysis to tailor the facial to your specific needs, Su-Man deep cleanses, extracts impurities, exfoliates, tones and moisturises the face with her carefully designed massage techniques, using her own specially created skincare products. Su-Man’s expert firm deep tissue massage to the neck, upper arms, hands and feet completes the experience.

Su-Man Skin Reborn Sculpting Facial

£270, 60 mins

A pure hands on non-surgical face lift with Su-Man’s crafted massage technique stimulates the bone structure, activates and energizes facial muscles, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and brings light back to your skin. The result is an instantly brighter, more sculpted complexion and skin that looks and feel reborn.

9 steps of facial treatment

Neck and scalp massage

Steam to open pores

Double cleanse to remove make up and sunscreen

Extraction to remove blackhead, whitehead or pimples

Exfoliation with the skin scrubber

Hands on Signature facial massage

Anti-ageing chocolate mask

Energised foot massage

Apply the Su-Man Award winning skincare range


Su-Man Chi Flow Contour Facial

£260, 60 mins

This Contour facial uses a Gua Sha tool (skin scraping) to lift and tone the facial muscles, refines skin texture and lymphatic drainage by stimulating the meridian lines and pressure points. The result is a dramatic and defined jawline, a more toned complexion and the lifted appearance of the eye area. All over younger, energized and glowing skin.

9 steps of facial treatment

Neck and scalp massage with Gua Sha tool

Steam to open pores

Double cleanse to remove make up and sunscreen

Extraction to remove blackhead, whitehead or pimples


Su-Man Signature Gua Sha facial massage

Anti-ageing chocolate mask

Revitalised arm massage

Apply the Su-Man Award winning skincare range


Su-Man Advanced Awakening Oxygen Facial

£300, 70 mins

This facial combines Su-Man’s signature facial technique with powerful oxygen therapy to penetrate the deep layers of the skin. Once skin prep is done, you will be immersed into a revitalized journey in which the skin is treated with Su-Man’s Velvet Skin Brightening Serum with spray gun to target congested and dry areas. This process allows the skin to breathe and renew itself from the inside out. The appearance of lines and blemishes are visibly reduced, the skin looks rejuvenated, clearer, radiant and fresh with a beautiful glow.

11 steps of facial treatment

Head massage

Steam to open pores

Double cleanse to remove make up and sunscreen

Extraction to remove blackhead, whitehead or pimples


Customised Su-Man Signature facial massage

Spray antioxidant rich serum with oxygen spay gun

Apply highly pressurised oxygen

Apply Facial Glow Rejuvenating mask

Abdominal massage to improve gastrointestinal function

Apply the Su-Man Award winning skincare range



Su-Man Digital Damage Resculpt Facial

£350, 70 minutes

Designed to combat the negative effects of long hours staring down into mobile phones by restoring skin brightness and definition around the neck and face area. Su-Man uses her unique facial massage techniques combined with electrical muscle stimulation to activate facial muscles, reduce the appearance of a double chin, dropped jawline and sagging skin. The result is an elegant looking décolleté and lifted looking complexion.

10 steps of facial treatment
Warm up the neck muscles
Double cleanse with steam to remove make up and sunscreen
Extraction to remove blackhead, whitehead or pimples
EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
Massage technique focused on digital damage related problem
Applying facial mask
Shoulder and neck massage
Apply Su-Man award winning skincare range

The following contraindications that prevent this facial treatment:
• Metal plates, pins and excessive fillings or bridgework.
Please remove any metal earrings, piercing, necklaces, watches, … etc.
• Serious medical conditions (heart, epilepsy)
• Serious viral, bacterial infections or inflammatory processes
• Recent operations
• Broken capillaries and sensitive skin
• Pregnancy 


Su-Man gives facial treatments at So Spa Sofitel London St James Monday to Saturday. Here are contact details of the respective spa to make an appointment directly:

Sofitel London St James – So Spa 
T: +44 20 7747 2204
Address: 6 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AN


Su-Man’s work is unlike anything I have experienced. It builds on movement rather than complicated serums and creams to activate the body’s natural ability to heal. It was deeper than a facial – it was an energetic reset. I left glowing from the inside out. I cannot wait to rebook!” – Kate, customer

Su-Man’s facials do not compare to any facial you will ever do anywhere on planet Earth. I have travelled around the world across all continents and I always enjoy a little pamper in the best hotels… but you will never come across Su-Man’s wisdom and her golden hands are a gift I allow myself as often as I can, right in the heart of London! Su-Man’s Digital Resculpt is beyond anything you will ever try. If you are time-conscious like me, in just 60 mins she relaxes my tense head, neck and shoulders (laptop lifestyle) and she does it without comparison better than my monthly massages and physiotherapy sessions. And while doing that, she gives you a super-charged revitalising anti-aging facial to top it off. I always leave with a skin so soft and beautiful like a baby, no need for makeup to look fabulous! I always arrange a date right after. I recommend Su-Man not just as a facialist, but as your best ally in your beauty and well-being regime. I swear by her skin products too!” Christina Garidi – Multi Business Owner

 An entire experience beyond a traditional facialHarper’s Bazaar

The best post lockdown skin recovery.”  ELLE UK

I loved having my face and soul purified in an oxygen bubble by #thewomansawizard, Su-Man.” Sunday Times Style

The ultimate way for glowiness” Evening Standard 

The Oxygen Facial instantly disappeared my eye bags and dark spots, simply miraculously!” Jacinta Spencer, Celebrity MUA

In all my decades as a beauty editor, I have never seen my skin glow like this, as if it’s lit from within by a 1000 watt bulbThe Beauty Bible

“This was a life changing experience. Su-Man has magical hands/is a wizard. How will I go to a ‘normal’ facial ever again?” Marie Claire

“An entire experience beyond a traditional facial. Magically choreographed facial massage.”” Harper’s Bazaar

“Su-Man uses these techniques bringing muscles to life –a sort of pilates for the face. Very lucky is the person who can experience as treatment in her hands.” Joely Richardson

“I feel truly blessed to have had a facial with Su-Man. The only flip side to this is that once you’ve had this everything else will pale in comparison.” Freida Pinto

“Facials that keep your face alive.” Juliette Binoche

“The game-changing facial loved by celebs.” SheerLuxe

“The A-list secret weapon that’s sure to put a smile on your face.” The Daily Telegraph

“Five-star facial.” Tatler

“By the time you float out of her studio your skin feels like its illuminated from within.” Grazia

“Su-Man is a superhero amongst facialists.” Elle

“Top Ten Beauty Treatment in London” Evening Standard

“Results are simply outstandingThe Times

“After glow lasts weeks” Stella

“Leaves your face feeling born again” City Am

“Magic hands of the A list favourite facialist. Super facial leaves you looking noticeably perky and lifted that jaws will drop” The Observer

“The best hands-on massage facial: she gets into your eye sockets and mouth and her technique works to lift and plump the skin – truly amazing. For years, Juliette Binoche took her on set to give her a facial every day before filming.” The Telegraph

“Such an inspiration meeting Su-Man! I absolutely adored my treatment. Her dynamism and joie de vivre made it so special. This and the lasting effect of the facial would make me a regular customer – if just she wasn’t so far away!” Julie Ma Poon, Mauritius 

“I felt like a newborn after this treatment. My facial expressions were relaxed and I felt younger and fresher. Su-Man’s healing presence and personalised way to do treatments made it special for every client.” Hotel Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha

“I recently had a facial experience with Su-Man and I must say it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Su-Man has an excellent technique that left my skin feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and glowing. In addition, I tried her skincare range and I was amazed by how effective it was. I saw noticeable results in a short time, which is a testament to the quality of the products. I highly recommend Su-Man and her skincare range. You won’t be disappointed!” – Rukumoana Schaafhausen

“Su-Man – thank you SO much for such a wonderful facial yesterday. My skin is so much better today and I swear that digital detox massage has eliminated some tension and drawn lines. My skin is looking plumper and like I’ve just come back from holiday!” – Claudia Gorman