Su-Man skincare is a way of life. In addition to her products, the super-facialist offers you some unique, simple and effective beauty tips to complement your daily routine, transform your skin and improve your wellbeing.

Never over-wash your face; twice a day is more than enough. Any more, and your skin may overproduce sebum, causing breakouts.

Be generous with the amount of product you apply to the skin so your hands glide easily over the surface without resistance when massaging.

Always massage firmly, moving the muscles under the skin, instead of pulling the surface, which can cause damage. This increases microcirculation and warms the skin, allowing it to absorb product more effectively.

You would never iron a sheet along the crease to remove a wrinkle – and the same principle applies to the way you treat your skin! Instead, apply pressure across frown lines – try a zigzag motion under the eye when massaging wrinkles in that area.

The face doesn’t end with your features – remember to apply product and concentrate massage right up to the hairline, along the ears, around the jawline and over the neck.

Try mixing half a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and applying in a thin mask for 30 minutes each night, before your pre-sleep beauty regime. This makes for an excellent natural treatment and can be used in combination with my range. I do it myself every evening!